Disease: Toxoplasmosis

What Can Happen if I Have Toxoplasmosis During My Pregnancy?

Women infected with toxoplasmosis can transmit the infection across the placenta to their unborn baby. Infection early in the pregnancy is less likely to be transmitted to the baby than infection later in the pregnancy. Early infection results in more severe symptoms in the baby than a later one. Most babies infected during pregnancy show no sign of toxoplasmosis when they are born, but they may develop learning, visual, and hearing disabilities later in life.

Source: http://www.webmd.com

How Can I Find Out if I Have Toxoplasmosis?

A blood test is available that can show whether you currently have toxoplasmosis or if you have been infected in the past. Since this test is not routinely done, you may want to talk to your health care provider about being tested before you become pregnant.

Source: http://www.webmd.com

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