Disease: Arthritis, Juvenile Rheumatoid

What Are the Symptoms?

Besides joint pain, JRA may cause chronic fever and anemia. In some people, it can also affect the heart, lungs, eyes, and nervous system.

Flare-ups may last for several weeks. Later on, their symptoms may be less severe. Symptoms of JRA may include:

  • Fevers of 103 F or higher
  • Pink rash that comes and goes
  • Eye inflammation
  • Joint pain or stiffness
  • Limping
  • Joint swelling
  • Being less active
  • Trouble with movements using the hands or fingers, like handwriting or coloring
  • Problems with bone development and growth

Source: http://www.webmd.com

What Causes It?

JRA is an autoimmune disorder. This means that the immune system attacks healthy cells and tissues, causing inflammation.

Researchers don't know exactly why it happens. They suspect that it's a two-step process. First, something in a child’s genes makes them more likely to develop JRA. Then something else, such as a virus, triggers the disease.

Source: http://www.webmd.com

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