Clinical Trial: Longitudinal Studies of the Glycoproteinoses

Study Status: Active, not recruiting
Recruit Status: Unknown status
Study Type: Observational

Official Title: Longitudinal Studies of the Glycoproteinoses

Brief Summary: The glycoproteinoses are among the most rare and least researched of the lysosomal diseases. The diseases include aspartylglucosaminuria, fucosidosis, galactosialidosis, alpha-mannosidosis, beta-mannosidosis, mucolipidosis II, mucolipidosis III, Schindler disease, and sialidosis. Longitudinal studies of these conditions are needed in order to better define how common the diseases are, identify clinical features which could contribute to early diagnoses, detail progression of the diseases, assess the supportive therapies currently used, and identify potential treatments. Laboratory tests will evaluate metabolic and genetic defects found in participants' blood and urine samples.